Truck Number 2

Soon our second truck will be ready for action! With real passion, the team is working flat-out to complete the job. From the outside, the truck is already finished and stunning to behold. Both the truck unit and trailer have been wrapped in our signature, eye-catching design. Inside, the technical equipment and furniture have been installed. All that’s missing now are the finishing touches. As everybody knows, the devil’s in the details! It will take a few more hours of work to fully equip the interior. More than 150 exhibits, examples of surface flaws, application materials, and measuring and testing devices will be on board the truck. The committed on-site team consisting of IGP technical experts and vehicle engineers are working on the final push. Soon, we’ll be able to double our capacity for visits to customers and partners to present fascinating workshops all about powder coating. That means we could be in your area soon and available to stop at your company.

Elevator Pitch

We will be on the road in various European countries for the next three years. Our sales team will visit powder coating companies aboard our POWDER IGP ON TOUR truck. The start of the tour was originally planned for March 2020. Due to the unfortunate circumstances, the start had to be postponed several times and will now take place in August 2021. This year, we will start by visiting our customers in Switzerland, Poland, Austria and Germany to conduct workshops directly on site. Our primary goal is to gain a better understanding of our customers’ specific needs and future requirements. We will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including application technology, quality requirements, innovations, and new products. To make sure our customers are fully aware of the services we offer, we will place more emphasis on our range of services in our IGP company presentation. After the workshop is over, there will be time to ask questions and exchange ideas over some food and drink. We create an open and transparent platform for the exchange of professional powder coating expertise.


“In cinema, a ‘making-of’ (also known as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ or an ‘on-set’) is a documentary that shows the production of a film or television show.” Our mobile production isn’t quite up to Hollywood standards … Nevertheless, we have set our sights on great things. We launched the project in March 2019. So it will be a whole year before the first customer appointment in March 2020. The preparatory work included all the usual project-related activities. The most exciting part, however, was the work on the vehicle itself. We created the design for the outer shell within four weeks, including a photo shoot and production. And what can you see front and center on the truck and trailer? That’s right, two people – the two coaters. They are the focus of the campaign. They are using the coating plants to “create” the surface. The plant in the background is their working environment, the “stage”, so to speak. In the word play based on “POWDER”, “Power” stands for strength and energy, “Powder” for the essential powder. The manual spray gun symbolizes the application and the actual work itself. This is how we intend to convey the positive aura that surrounds powder coating technology. POWDER IGP ON TOUR.


Our employees will be kitted out in Hüsler T-shirts and softshell jackets for the tour. Hüsler workwear is a perfect match for IGP Pulvertechnik AG in terms of both its quality and “Swissness”. The furniture in the vehicle is produced by USM Haller. Naturally, these Swiss design icons were powder coated with IGP products. They are versatile, unique, and timeless. We consistently paid attention to design, functionality, and high quality when selecting the components. After all, we will be on the road in Europe in both summer and winter – the equipment must always be ready for use.