The Truck will Once Again be Touring Europe in 2024.

And this time, as a double act – our exhibition, workshop, and consulting truck proved such a hit that we are also sending a second truck on the road.  The POWDER IGP ON TOUR puts an end to long journeys to trade fairs and remote consulting sessions, and enables your entire team to participate. Instead of you travelling, our truck stops at your powder coating company – ensuring exclusive access for your staff.

Our Truck - your Advantage

Use the truck as a platform for a tailored

Directly at your Company on Site

ON TOUR truck drives
exclusively at your

A Powerful Engine for your Growth

Understand the current
challenges and future needs of your business.

  • «Learn all about best practices and state-of-the-art products for your market success with powder coatings.»

    IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland

Concentrated Power for Concentrated Powder Expertise

POWDER IGP ON TOUR will make an exclusive pit stop outside your company premises, giving your staff the opportunity to receive effective further training directly on site. It couldn’t be easier! Find out about the latest developments, best methods, tips, and techniques in powder coating right on your doorstep.

Benefit from our extensive expertise tailored to your company’s needs and use the time as a team-building event, complete with catering. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Our Truck - your Advantage

    Our truck is fully equipped with illustrative material, coating equipment, videos, and numerous presentations. On board are more than 200 physical objects – and, of course, our team of IGP experts. The truck provides the platform for a workshop during which we cover all manner of technical topics related to powder coatings and answer your questions. Bring along your own ideas, requirements, challenges, and requests. We’ll provide the answers and solutions.

  • A Powerful Engine for your Growth

    With our truck parked in front of your premises, IGP will be on hand to address your current challenges and future needs. During our workshop, your staff will learn even more about powder coatings and the related equipment. Discover new ways to improve the quality of your work.

    Take advantage of the following benefits:

    • Workshop on your premises: no travel time or travel expenses
    • Free complete package: personal consultation, training, and catering
    • Size and make-up of the teams to suit your wishes: intensive 1:1 dialog on current specialist topics
    • Customized workshop content: Choose your own topics, formulate questions, and develop solutions
    • IGP network: Our experienced powder coating specialists share their broad practical and technical knowledge
    • Competitiveness: Acquire expert knowledge that gives you an edge and permanently improves your market position
    • Quality assurance: We record your requests, suggestions, and needs during the workshops
  • Schedule your Pit Stop Now!

    Schedule a stop for our POWDER IGP ON TOUR truck at your location now. We will discuss the following with you in advance:

    Parking space
    Our truck will need a parking space – ideally, near your company’s premises. A power connection should ideally be available. However, if necessary, the truck’s power generator will be sufficient.

    We will agree the date and time of the roadshow with you. Would you prefer multiple groups on one day of workshops or an after-work session followed by a social gathering? We’ll discuss the various options with you and come up with a tailored schedule.

    Let us know what’s on your mind when it comes to powder coatings – where you need assistance, what challenges you are facing. Together, we will then tailor the topics for your specific roadshow – for example:

    • Application technology
    • Quality requirements and quality assurance
    • Innovations
    • Sustainability of powder coatings
    • Trends and new products
    • Powder coating knowledge
    • Tests and investigations
    • Powder coating knowledge for administrative staff

    After the workshop we will invite all participants to join us for refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a perfect opportunity to dive deeper into all the workshop topics with the IGP team.

    We will organize catering for the meal and will be happy to consider a local supplier of your choice after consultation with you. And we’ll cover the costs – once we have received a quotation and discussed all the details with you and the caterer.

    Ideally, the meal will take place next to our truck and on your premises. We will organize benches and everything else needed for an uncomplicated get-together in any weather. We would appreciate your assistance if we have any questions about on-site conditions. We’ll take care of everything for you, including all the costs. Once all the main points have been clarified, you can simply sit back and look forward to the arrival of our truck on your premises.

    «Your employees will receive training – and enjoy an exciting and highly social event into the bargain.»

  • Example Schedule of Events

    Your schedule could be as follows: IGP has had excellent experience with this arrangement.

    Monday to Thursday; Friday is also possible on request

    Min. duration of 1.5 hours, e.g., from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    After the workshop, e.g., from 5:30 p.m. to approx. 7:30 p.m.

    Target group
    Your employees who work with powder in the coating process, team leaders and supervisors, planning and procurement staff, architects.

    Number of participants
    We recommend 6 to 12 employees per workshop. If more employees wish to participate, we will be happy to conduct the workshop several times on the same day.

    The roadshow is completely free of charge for you – from the workshop to the catering. Your only investment is the working time of your participating employees.

  • The Fine Print

    In 2021, our roadshow once again met with an excellent response from the participants, despite the coronavirus restrictions. We safely guided more than 600 people through our workshops. Last year, IGP Powder Coatings implemented effective hygiene concepts for everyone involved, taking into account the local regulations as well as the specific requirements of the participating companies. No convention or trade fair can guarantee the level of personalized safety offered by POWDER IGP ON TOUR.


Get in touch to discuss stationing an POWDER IGP ON TOUR truck outside your company premises. We look forward to hearing from you – and perhaps heading your way very soon!

The tour will be visiting various European countries in 2024. IGP is adding dates all the time. If you are interested in taking part in a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop, please speak to your contact person or the person who is responsible for/closest to your country.

  • Switzerland

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in Switzerland, please contact Guido Eicher. Phone +41 71 9298130 // guido.eicher@igp-powder.com

    Download the Roadshow Booklet CH here.

  • Germany

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in Germany, please contact Ralf Happe. Phone +49 170 5243374 // ralf.happe@igp-powder.com

    Download the Roadshow Booklet DE here

  • Austria

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in Austria, please contact Denise Sailer. Phone +43 2252 50804617 // denise.sailer@igp-powder.com

    Download the Roadshow Booklet AT here.

  • France

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in France, please contact Guy Garnès. Phone +33 6 08556052 // guy.garnes@igp-powder.com

    Download the Roadshow Booklet FR here.

  • Italy

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in Italy, please contact Massimiliano Staganelli. Phone +39 3273 870168 // massimiliano.stanganelli@igp-powder.com

    Download theRoadshow Booklet IT here.

  • Poland

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in Poland, please contact Malgorzata Wroclawska-Sznejder. Phone +48 22 6900209 // malgorzata.wroclawska@igp-powder.com

    Download the Roadshow Booklet PL here.

  • Scandinavia

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in Denmark or Sweden, please contact Jörgen Andreasen. Phone +45 238 49999 // joergen.andreasen@igp-powder.com

    Download the Roadshow Booklet SE & DK here.

  • Benelux

    If you are interested in attending a POWDER IGP ON TOUR workshop in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxemburg, please contact Diana Kolkman. Phone +31 38 4600695 // diana.kolkman@igp-powder.com

    Download the Roadshow Booklet NL, BE & LU here.

Contact Form

For general questions about the tour or workshops, please use our online contact form. This will be processed by the IGP Pulvertechnik AG marketing department in Switzerland. We look forward to hearing from you!