The 2022 tour is ready to hit the road

Today’s the day we launch our next tour. In 2022, IGP will once again pay exclusive visits to various coating companies around Europe.

We’ve already staged more than 50 great events with workshops covering a range of topics, including application technology, quality requirements, innovations, and new products. We can look back on a successful tour packed with fascinating topics, teambuilding, and lots of fun.

“The feedback from our customers has motivated us to continue with this concept.” Roger Wyss, CMO IGP Powder Coatings

In 2022 we will visit various customers and partners in Germany, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Balkans. Many dates are already booked. As from May, we will double our capacity. A second truck is currently in production.

Would you like our truck to visit your company? Simply contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.